Cards, Money, Two Tables [Ru] Macho Studio 2004

The player is a wealthy guy who does not hesitate to waste money, and earning them is not always legal. He has a rich past. Starting your own business at a young age, marriage, divorce... But bad luck - as soon as business went uphill, a partner and friend left the business and wanted to immediately get his share. The scoundrel contacted the criminal structures and decided to put the Player on the counter. Together with a partner (a person weak in the head, but compensating for this with cruelty), the former partner bursts into the Player's apartment. From the Player himself, they learn that he does not have the required amount. But they, like all normal bandits, are quick-witted and merciful guys, and therefore, threatening with a gun and knocking out a couple of teeth for order, they send the Player in search of money. Promising to wait in his apartment, the bandits give the Player several hours to find funds. Realizing that the chances of getting the required amount in the shortest possible time are negligible, the Player, hoping for good luck, enters the casino. Features: Built-in card games; Alternative solutions; Hot erotic videos; Intrigue, deceit, love and treason.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 971MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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