Nobody Knows About Sex [Ru] Central Partnership / Macho Studio 2006

Sex is the factor that drives people. Sex is something without which life is uninteresting and faceless. Sex is a game. What will YOU do for good sex? Recognize yourself in the game "Nobody Knows About Sex", based on the movie of the same name. Horny Teens Suck. Hot guys with a cool head are in fashion. Shy cuties, defiant strippers, bitchy beauties are all at your feet. Find out your main prize in the final. Features: Enchant the smart Angelina with your knowledge; Try to resist the temptress Nika; Understand girly party outfits; Determine your neighbor's preference for sex toys; Beat the insidious cheats and... get a well-deserved reward.
Russian DVD ISO Demo 3.27GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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