Kraken Academy!! Happy Broccoli Games 2021

Release Date: TBA You're the new kid at school who gets time travel powers from a magical kraken. This is a slavic groundhog-day adventure inspired by 90s comedy anime. Play as the reluctant hero in this laid-back comedy adventure. Can you solve the mysteries of the Kraken Academy high school before it's too late?? No worries if not. You just need to use your awesome powers of time travel to try again. Your goal is clear: Save your new school and the whole world from impending doom. If only there wasn't a whole cast of crazy people around you to distract from your plans. While saving the world is definitely an important goal there's a whole host of other activities to dive into. Get to know the 4 unique clubs that make up the school's community: Art, Drama, Music and Sport. You'll want to figure out the routines of the characters to find a way to change their fate in this Groundhog Day-like adventure. Try to make friends and even go on dates with your fellow students! Customize your room with a range of "luxury" furniture. Play in a band. Go to a costume party. Even the vending machines might be able to offer you some help on your epic quest. Features: A mysterious school based adventure storyline; A clockwork community to explore and observe; A boat-load of side quests, room customization and a sprinkle of minigames; 20+ Characters to befriend; 3 Characters to go on dates with; Full controller support; Average play time: 5 hours.
Standalone Level Demo v5401733 77MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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