Lunar Lux CosmicNobab 2021

Release Date: TBA It is the Year 30XX; a time where humanity has successfully colonized and terraformed the moon. Join Lunar Warrior, Bella, and her robot sidekick, Tetra, in their quest to protect the people of Luna from the mysterious Murks. Experience thrilling battles with a Hybrid Turn Based x Action Battle System. Your skills will control the outcome. It also features a stellar soundtrack composed by Vanilluxe Pavilion, Emdasche, and Trevor Bentley, and also features the Voice Talent of Lizzie Freeman. Humanity is in danger. The people of Luna, need your help. It's time to Unleash Your Lux. ~ Nobab Moinuddin Features: Upgrade your skills to deal extra damage; Enhance your experience with 30+ Support Skills; Shield against Enemy Attacks; Master Stacking to perform powerful Lux Combos; Explore the Moon Colony - Regolithia and battle the Murks that threaten humanity’s survival.
Level Demo 327MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Steam Free Chapter 1 (uploaded by Steam)

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