Nigate Tale Hermit Games / 2P Games 2021

Early Access Release Date: TBA This is a 3D roguelike action game with depression angle. By gaining the blessing ability of a monster partner, you can transform your weapons. As you upgrade, you will gradually enrich your combat performance and pleasant sensation. Core gameplay: Combat - The character can use two weapons, one melee and one long range, to avoid enemies by tumbling, and can also obtain devices to attack enemies in random levels; Enhancement - You can get rewards for monster blessings and weapon magic nuclei in battle. Choose them to match different genres; Levels - Random levels. After entering the game, the only thing you can know is the reward for the next room, whether to choose weapon upgrades or outside resources, it is up to you to make the decision; Cultivation - Collect resources to forge new weapons, unlock new devices, and permanently improve your strength. Stray into the castle - There is a mysterious area in the legend. All of people and animals who passing by here are gone, and no one knows what happened. Decades, and even hundreds of years have passed, and countless explorers have visited this area, trying to demystify this area. The iron-arm boy Roy, who loves adventure and machinery, according to the map, took his plane to the mysterious area, and was swallowed by a cloud. When he woke up, he found himself traversing into a medieval castle. In order to find the wreckage of his plane, he could only enter the castle with the help of magic partners with different personalities. What will happen to the confrontation between science and magic? In the castle, you will encounter all kinds of magic partners, get their blessings, improve your ability, you can create a variety of surprising effects. Find various resources in the castle to train your partner, improve your favorable impression, open multiple functions, and play the specialties of mechanical manufacturing to fight the monsters in the castle. Changeable, thrilling and stimulating levels and traps make you caught off guard. Very hard? Come and try to combine blessings to deal with enemy tricks. Use the magic crystallization to enhance the three talents of adventure, technology and magic, strengthen yourself permanently, and go to the castle more easily to find the wreckage of the plane. The magic partner in the castle has set a variety of interesting challenge levels that waiting for you to try. Complete the challenge, you can get their favor and understand their story. But it depends on whether you can stand the test. The game is expressed in a Lowpoly style with a brief introduction. Each level has a unique style, and an original soundtrack to create a variety of atmospheres and give people a strong sense of substitution.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5611667 820MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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