Not my First Apocalypse: Stormpuncher PlayPretend 2020

You are Roger Daniels, podcast host and friendly post-apocalyptic survivor. Your best friend is Beth - a psychotic, bomb-slinging toy bear brought to life. Together you adventure through New Atrocity, a ruined zone of mutants and robots all out to mug, screw and kill you and anybody else in their way, ruled over by a mad despot called the Tyrant. This time, the Tyrant has gone too far - jealous that a little girl is having a birthday party, he's unleashed a Weather Machine to storm out anyone who rains on his parade. It's up to you and Beth to destroy the Machine and let the sun shine again. I've been tinkering with the NMFA universe all year, as a coping mechanism for the pandemic. (And in the spirit of apocalyptic buccaneering, all art is stolen and heavily modified.)
Free Game 95MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

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