Summerland FYRE Games 2020

In every door lies another memory, and every memory unlocks another door. There's a flash of white, and you suddenly find yourself in an unfamiliar place. A locked door keeps you enclosed in this small, empty room - well, empty all except for the table that sits in the dead center of the floor. Atop that table sits a rotary phone, completely unplugged. The walls and carpet are uncomfortably plain, the camera in the corner not helping with that discomfort. After a few moments, the unbearable silence is finally broken by the ringing of the rotary phone. There's nothing left for you to do but answer the call. This is a first-person narrative game developed by high school student Conner Rush. You take the role of an ill detective named Matthew as you relive the events of his recent past, all the while being questioned on your moral stances. With themes heavily revolving around ethical philosophy and the afterlife, Summerland is sure to be a unique gameplay experience. Features: An engrossing and intriguing 1.5 - 2 hour single-player story written by Conner Rush (Welcome to the Dreamscape); ​Beautiful visuals and design; A stellar voice cast featuring Ryan Beard, Rhys David, and Natalie Van Sistine; A haunting soundtrack composed and performed by Auric Echoes.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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