Banke på! [No] Alfabeta Gammafon Multimedia 1999

Knock on and visit the small house with the blue door. Knock on the six doors, click your way through the rooms and greet the monkeys, rabbits, the little man and the others. What do teddy bears dream of? In addition to what you can do by clicking your way through the rooms, the CD-ROM contains four games: Find the banana man - Keep an eye on the movements, don't lose your banana man out of sight. It's about clicking on the banana he's hiding in; learn the clock - Move the watch's watch's watch and you'll hear how much time is. The cuckoo helps; water the flowers - Watch out. It's about watering all the flowers without any of them withering; and now we'll cook soup - It is about choosing the right ingredients for the soup. You learn to recognize different vegetables to fruits.
Norwegian ISO Demo 36MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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