Pull Stay Nito Souji 2021

Release Date: 2022/Apr This is a wacky Beat 'em up game with Tower Defense mechanics. Use your fists or set crazy traps to repel enemies from rushing into your house. Defend your buddy Susumu, who goes out of his house only once in every two months for his haircut. Old-school Beat 'em up brawler as the core mechanic. You can learn a new move by smacking each enemy type accordingly. Silly and funny Traps: Baked fish missile, Toothpaste turret, Watermelon bazooka... and much more. Over 15 types of gadgets are ready to be unlocked by you. Break neighbors' houses to collect resources. Use them to set traps or build a new room. You can have Susumu make power-up items for you. But be careful. When he's goofing off, give him some loving punishment. Young jobless guy who is avoiding social interactions and shutting himself inside his room all day. In Japan, people like him are called Hikikomori(shut-in), which has become a big social problem. Enemies are trying to reach out to Susumu because they are worried about him, or want to mock him, or just to see him in the wild... When enemies reach Susumu, the game is over. I cannot explain what exactly will happen there, but I can relate to Susumu so badly because I'm also a Hikikomori. I'm making this game solo just trying to reflect my own situation with this game.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5224600 1.11GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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