Multiplication Tables Adventure Eureka Multimedia 2002

Developed in conjunction with Australian and New Zealand School Curricula guidelines , this is a highly effective innovative and entertaining way of learning times tables 1 to 12. The program is set in a 3D environment with 12 different worlds and 3 levels of difficulty. Children are taught each table through interactive game play whichpromotes self-learning and aids concentration skills. Help Mick Millennium steer your Multiplication Python through amazing 3D worlds. Watch out for poisonous tumbleweeds dinosaurs mummies skeletons spiders and much more whilst building and learning each multiplication table in this non-stop adventure. Natural Development of ESSENTIAL SKILLS in: Multiplication times tables 1 to 12; Listening; Memory recall; Self-learning and concentration; Navigating in a 3D environment; Problem solving. Includes: Enriched supportive multi-media environment; Oral and visual instructions; Musical soundtracks.
ISO Demo 216MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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