Addition & Subtraction Racing Eureka Multimedia 2006

Developed in conjunction with Australian and New Zealand school curricula guidelines. Drivers, start your engines and get ready for some awesome turbo-charged adding and subtracting action. Put your foot flat to the floor and race around exciting 3D worlds boosting your mental addition and subtraction skills answering single, double and triple number questions. Fast paced and furious, answers pop-up right before your eyes so quick reflexes and careful car control is a must. Make sure you select the correct answer or be prepared to pay the penalty. Use money collected from each correct answer to purchase extra fuel, repairs, super-powered turbo charges or even trade-in your rusty old ute to buy that brand new racing car you've had your eye on. Answer as many problems as you can to collect keys to unlock new and exciting tracks to race on. Take a casual drive through tranquil mountains, make dust fly in the outback, power through the city streets or turn up the heat in an underground lava filled cave.
ISO Demo 228MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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