Ann Achronist: Many Happy Returns Maybe Later Games 2019

Ann Achronist finds herself in a fix: living on the streets, left with nothing, life has not been kind to her. But that all changes when a mysterious stranger leaves her a magical ring imbued with the power to travel to the past: specifically, to one fateful summer day in the sleepy town of Alderdale. With just 24 hours until the time-travel magic wears off, will Ann manage to get herself off the streets and give herself the life she's always dreamed of? Dive into 18th century England, seek out your ancestors, and cause a ripple through time so big it paves the way to a better life. Change your life for good - and hopefully, for the better. Time-Travelers Make No Mistakes: Undo missteps with the twist of a ring. With the power to visit the past as many times as you like, outwit nefarious brigands and shady conspirators to bypass their traps and suss out their lies. Dodge death in the nick of time and use knowledge gained from previous visits to intercept events to your benefit. The Butterfly Effect: Forge your present by bending your past. The repercussions of your time-travelling antics echo through several generations of the Achronist family, causing you to crash land into a new life in the future. Help Ann on her journey from rags to riches, setting her on a path to the perfect life. Ann of All Trades: Anns from different timelines have different skills, from reading books to reading minds. Swap timelines as required, playing as whichever Ann has the best tools for the job. Find clues and break into secret areas by solving original word puzzles and unique brainteasers. Labour of Love: it features an original soundtrack, bespoke character art, and detailed illustrations for each of Ann's futures. Jump from timeline to timeline in order to shape a better future for your ancestors, and  - by extension  -  for yourself... Before time runs out.
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