Made: Interactive Movie Joonspictures 2021

‘JURI’ is an influencer on Instagram with millions of followers. Unlike her posts on Instagram, JURI’s reality sucks. ‘EX-BOYFRIEND’ is still obsessed with JURI. ‘COPYCAT’ buys everything JURI wears from head to toe. ’NA-YEON’ who used to be JURI’s best friend, but not anymore. The more popular she becomes, the more haters around her. JURI feels sick of all these relationships and becomes more attached to the digital world. One day, JURI gets kidnapped and wakes up in dark basement. Desperately seeking her way to escape, JURI runs into a random guy who is indeed another hostage. And someone is chasing them. Who kidnapped them and why? Would they be able to survive? Juri, Instagram influencer, is a gorgeous girl who is utterly irresistible. JURI is born-to-be a star. Influencer is a perfect job for her. She loves to be in the center of attention and enjoys manipulating people who are crazy about her. One day, JURI gets abducted and wakes up in a dark room locked under the basement. Would she be able to escape? Sung-Hoon, another hostage, is a good-looking man who is also a perfectionist taking good care of himself. He's a single-hearted man who gives all to his girlfriend with unconditional love. One day, he gets assaulted by a random guy and locked up. And in that basement, he meets JURI. The Mask is a mysterious man who is only after money. Fully covered with black hood and mask, no one knows who he is. Locking up JURI & SUNG-HOON, he threatens their lives with every method possible. It's an FMV (Full Motion Video) Adventure crime thriller; a combination of a story-film and a game. Enjoy both at the same time. Interactive story: the story is made based on your CHOICE. When the time comes for the characters to make decision, you are to make the choices for them. Solve the puzzle and escape. Complete the missions to escape from the kidnapped situation. Find clues and hints to solve problems and complete missions like ‘Escape Rooms’. A VR version of the game is also separately purchasable.
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