Starbuster Proto 2021

Release Date: TBA This is a fast-paced action platformer, where a droid and a lizard slash and grapple their way across the galaxy. Featuring a focus on fast paced combat, exploration, and weapon customization. Rocket around, slap things, grab weapons and build your arsenal. You can't solve every problem by shooting at it but that shouldn't stop you from trying. This introduces both protagonists, Alpha and Cassie, and sees them have to work together to escape being stranded on a strange world. The daring escape from Laboratory 19, the invasion of Union Habitat, the surreal calm of the crashed starship Petrov, and the eerie depth of Valkyrie bay. Take control of Alpha, the latest creation of the insidious grey imperium. Defy your creators and make a break for freedom, nothing will stand in your way. Or follow Cassie and the Petrov crew, as they run from the ever-advancing imperial forces. Run from your problems and maybe crash a starship or two, what could go wrong?​ Alpha - Ever just wake up one day and the whole world is shooting at you? Featuring an infinite dash, chargeable sword and gun, and special weapon slot for missiles, slowing time and more, Alpha specialized in fast, decisive combat, ready to cut through entire legions of imperial cyborgs. Cassie - Who needs gravity anyway? Equipped with a grappling hook, 360 degree aiming and a handy rocket punch, she's no pushover when it comes to beating up cyborgs. Each character can equip up to 10 modifications, to alter their gun, melee, core abilities plus special moves. From the simple pulse laser to the devastating starbreaker beam, there will be a weapon to suit every situation. I've not counted exactly but there's about 30 different mods to find in this demo alone. Plus a number of collectable music cassettes just in case someone gets bored.​
Sage 2020 Level Demo v1.0.8 164MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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