Super Mario Flashback Mors and the Flashback Team 2021

Release Date: TBA A fanmade love letter to the Mario franchise that brings back stages from his former 2D and 3D adventures. It brings gorgeous pixel art animation, catchy remixed tunes and a bunch of new moves to Mario’s classic 2D platforming gameplay. It shows off new areas (such as an underground level), and shows off new enemies, such as the Hammer Bros and the most adorable looking winged Koopas you’ve ever seen (you almost feel guilty for stomping on their heads). As well as looking jaw-droppingly beautiful, the devs have also made a few tweaks to Mario’s classic move-set, with you able to break into an arms-out run (as in Mario Bros 3), wall jump, wall slide, power stomp/bounce and slide. You’ll need a lot of these new abilities to make your way through the levels too, as they can be pretty challenging at times. It has a superb soundtrack (with catchy remixes of classic Mario songs) and well crafted levels.
Sage 2020 Level Demo 33MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
NCFC Level Demo 35MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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