Me and My Horse Eureka Multimedia 2004

Do you know a horse-mad child? This is the perfect gift for ages 5-12+ There is something captivating about a foal trying to walk for the first time, horses galloping with their manes and tails streaming behind them, or seeing the harmony between a horse and its rider. So saddle-up for a fun-filled journey. This is a delightful and highly interactive program for children aged five to twelve plus years. Watch horses come to life, create your dream horse or test your riding skills in the gymkhana. Packed with information, videos, photographs, diagrams and games, learn all about the fascinating world of horses, in an enriched, supportive multimedia environment. Topics covered: Horse terminology; Horsesports - Australian, English and Western; Breeds; Horses in Australia; Colours and marking; Points of a horse; Gaits; Tack; Shoeing a horse; Grooming; How to halter a horse; The quick release knot; How to bridle and saddle a horse; Mounting and dismounting; The rider’s position; Riding - the walk, rising and sitting trot, and canter. Contains: High quality video filmed in Australia; Interactive help; Printable certificates; User and installation manual; Musical soundtracks; Oral and visual instructions.
ISO Demo 410MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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