Wildlife Man's Amazing Animals, The Eureka Multimedia 2002

Join acclaimed 'wildlife man' David Ireland as he presents some of the world's most amazing animals. A fun and informative program, it will take children ages 5 - 9+ on a voyage of discovery into jungles, swamps, deserts and more. Fun Facts - Fascinating information about each animal, narrated by David Ireland. 'Who Am I?' Game - See if you can find the correct animal using the given clue. Memory Game - Memorize a group of animals and see if you can find them in a bigger group. Project Maker - Create projects using pictures and text from within or outside of the program. Digital Darkroom - Use the many special effects available to manipulate and create awesome pictures. Jigsaw Puzzles - Piece together images of amazing animals and watch them come to life. Picture Game - Create and print stunning scenes using the hundreds of images available. Concentration Game - Match up the animal pairs to reveal the picture hidden beneath. Story Read along - Follow the text and listen to David Ireland as he tells some amazing animal tales.
ISO Demo 534MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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