Interactive World Atlas 2009 Edition Eureka Multimedia 2008

This is an excellent resource for the whole family. Visit over 190 fascinating countries from around the world. Print detailed maps country profiles photographs places of mystery and wonder comparative charts plus much more. Map reading principles are demonstrated and explained and games such as 'Around the World' and 'World Facts Trivia' will have you entertained for hours. Features: An excellent resource for the whole family. vist over 190 fascinating countries; Select any of the seven continents and then an associated country; Up to date country profiles and photos; Comparative charts on population highest mountains longest rivers world wonders and much more; Map reading and other geographic principles explained in detail; 'Around the World in 80 Days' game; 'World Facts Trivia' game; Copy and paste information to your notepad; Printable facts maps charts and photos; Country profiles include authoritative information on geography population economics currency language religion and much more; Animated flags and national anthems of each Country; Hundreds of photographs; Two addictive games with 1000's of questions.
ISO Demo 619MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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