Crossword Creator Eureka Multimedia 2006

Are you ready to sharpen your mind as well as your pencil? If your response has three letters, and is another word for the clue "An affirmative response", then you'll need to settle down to some serious puzzling with this Crossword Creator. Many of us wouldn't feel complete without a daily dose of this classic and age-old puzzle game. But why should you only be limited to the morning newspaper or paperbacks when there is this? A Huge Number of Puzzles - With two different grid sizes, it can generate over 1 million different puzzles to keep you entertained for an eternity. There's something for everyone. Need a Hint? Ever had an answer right on the tip of your tongue? Maybe you weren't quite sure of the correct spelling? With the hint feature you can peek, letter by letter, just as much as you need. Want to Create Your Own? It's built in editor allows you to create your very own challenging crosswords that can even be printed with a separate clue sheet to test your family and friends. Or, if you prefer, you can even save a copy or send the file by e-mail. As long as they have their own copy of this Crossword Creator they can open it and take on the challenge. Local Australian & New Zealand Content - Tired of using other inappropriate crossword programs from overseas? With local clues and answers such as "wee", "wombat" and "thong", and using the correct spelling for words like "colour", you can be rest assured you and your children are receiving the right information. Not Quite Finished and run out of time? You can save your partially completed crossword and return to it when it suits you, or just print it out to complete by hand away from the computer. Perfect for Holidays or Long Trips - Going on a long trip; can't take your computer with you? Don't worry. Just print out as many crosswords as you like and take them with you. Even print out the answers, but remember - no cheating.
ISO Demo 100MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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