Learn to Read & Spell with Phonics 2 Eureka Multimedia 2002

Developed in conjunction with Australian and New Zealand school curricula guidelines. This teaches emergent readers letter-sound relationships by exposing them to phonic rules and generalizations. Children gain confidence in their word attack skills as they begin to read and spell by applying their phonemic. Development of essential skills in: Blending Initial and terminal blends; Digraphs; Diphthongs; The bossy ‘e’ rule; Letter blends treated: ss, ff, ll, ck, ng, nk, th, wh, sh, ch, ea, ee, oo, oa, ow, or, aw, ai, ay, ou, ar, ir, ur, er, ie, igh, oy, oi, al, au, ar, ough. Includes: Enriched supportive multimedia environment; Oral and visual instructions; Carefully graded activities; Teacher’s Notes - syllabus outcomes and indicators; Merit awards; Printable Activity Book / Blackline Masters; Installation Manual.
ISO Demo 269MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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