Curious George: ABC Adventure Houghton Mifflin Interactive & Vipah Interactive 1998

Discovering the alphabet is one charming accident after another with Curious George as your guide. The tiny brown monkey with the wide smile sneaks onto a skywriting plane, upsets the post card stand at the zoo, and topples a boy's toys into the lake, but the always resourceful Man in the Yellow Hat turns each mishap into an alphabet adventure. The prevailing plucky optimism of the Curious George books reigns supreme here. In a light blue and bright yellow world that's stylistically true to the Curious George books, kids can visit four different spots for five activities that will eventually have them deftly negotiating their ABC's. The most engaging place to visit is the zoo, which is packed with everything from alligators to zebras. Kids must lead George and the Man in the Yellow Hat down a labyrinth of paths to find the proper animals or things to put in the alphabetized Zoo Picture Book. The spot has so much going on that it took us a good four minutes to "find something that begins with the letter J." Wandering the zoo's paths as monkeys hoot and elephants trumpet in the background will keep young letter seekers interested in the hunt for quite some time. Skills such as hand/eye coordination come into play as kids help Curious George recover the alphabet blocks he accidentally dumped in the lake. Memory is honed as George messes with bread dough, falls in a heap on the floor, and discovers a letter-matching game in the bakery. Kids don't just learn the alphabet here; they learn that honest mistakes aren't that bad. This CD-ROM is at its best whenever Curious George sticks his finger in his mouth, considers the possibilities, then wanders off to live up to his name. (Ages 3 to 6) Explore alphabet sounds, shapes, and pronunciations with the lovable Curious George as he frolics through activities such as flying a skywriting plane, fishing in an alphabet lake, or visiting the zoo. Includes a printable storybook.
ISO Demo 117MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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