Curious George Preschool Learning Games Houghton Mifflin Interactive & Vipah Interactive 1997

That ever-so-mischievous monkey is at it again. Join Curious George as he plays exciting arcade games. He's hunting down circles targeting triangles and having the time of his life with patterns shapes and letters. Come join the fun in a series of skill-building games especially designed for active learners. All the fun of family arcade games now for younger kids too. Teaches the way children learn. Each game requires the listening skills and the critical-thinking skills that build a foundation for reading. Children explore at their own pace and are gently challenged to build critical reasoning and reading skills in a magical environment. Helps you teach your child to read. The Curious George Young Readers' Series is especially designed to make learning to read fun. Features: Six self-paced learning activities feature multiple skill levels for hours of fun. Jingles Jukebox - You're a poet and you don't know it. Pie Fight - A hilarious pattern matching game served up with plenty of whipped cream. Star Patrol - Learning about shapes letters and colors is a blast. Super Fruit Catch - Catch fruit in seconds flat or watch it go splat. The Puzzler - Choose your challenge from 4 to 16 pieces. BONUS - Print your own Curious George Storybook. Skills Learned: Color/Shape/Size, Listening Skills, Pattern Recognition & Matching, Same & Different, Recognition, Rhyming & Alliteration, Mouse Skills.
ISO Demo 239MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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