Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle Templar Studios LLC / LEGO System A/S 2003

In this sequel to the original Mata Nui Online Game, the player controls Hahli, a Ga-Matoran of Ga-Koro, who lives a very ordinary life. She spends most of her time doing chores for her fellow villagers. However, she discovers the sport of Kolhii and starts travelling around the island to the villages to compete. The events of this game lead up to the beginning of the movie BIONICLE: Mask of Light. Most of the game is an adventure, with Hahli being directed by clicks of the mouse. Conversations can be had with other characters, and an inventory of items is kept, much like its predecessor. There are also some minigames. Kolhii matches, however, are a big part of the game, and winning these is required to progress.
Free Game 14MB (uploaded by Biomedia Project)
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Project Brick)

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