Ivory Springs (cancelled) Konjak 2007

This was the developer's original attempt at the Iconoclasts concept. This one was meant to be much more light-hearted and silly. Another beautiful freeware game from Konjak, the mind that gave birth to that little masterpiece called Legend of Princess, but also the author of the fantastic Chalk and the Noitu Love series. This is an action game he had been working on for some time, but for one reason or another it was never finished. The game is not complete but it offers an extraordinary feeling and a first-rate gameplay. Graphically it recalls masterpieces such as Cave Story, the author warns that you may find some imperfections but after playing it for more than twenty minutes I can assure you that it is a gem to try absolutely. It's an exploratory platformer with puzzles to solve and fabulous bosses to eliminate. The controls include the cursor keys and the ASD sequence with which we can shoot, jump and slide.
Free Game 4MB (uploaded by Official Site (under Abandoned))

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