Toontown Online Schell Games / Disney Interactive Inc. 2003

An MMORPG set in Toontown, the place where cartoon characters live. Players take on the role of anthropomorphic animals of any shape, size, color or species they want. Out in the brightly-colored streets of Toontown, they can meet other Toons and battle the Cogs, corporate robots who seek to turn Toontown into an endless sprawl of metallic gray offices. The game is meant to be kid-friendly, so PvP is limited to games at "playgrounds" in the center of each of the six "neighborhoods" that make up Toontown. Also, rather than commit real violence, the Toons and the Cogs do battle with a variety of gags (a Toon can hit a Cog with a cream pie or a blast from a seltzer bottle; the Cog might counterattack with a Bouncing Check). The game had a subscription fee of US$9.95 a month. The game servers were shut down on Sep 19/2013. In response to the closure, former players have created multiple private servers of Toontown Online. The most popular server, Toontown Rewritten, is described by its developers as a fan-made revival of Disney's Toontown Online, created using publicly available downloads and information made freely available to the general public.
Toontown Rewritten - Free Game 13.6MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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