Blue Beard / Barmaley [Ru] Nikita Ltd. 1999

Blue Beard (this game was originally known as Barmaley, but in what seems to be an attempt at universal appeal, the title was changed to Blue Beard), is a fun-filled romp through the jungles of Africa. Geared toward children, you play as a young boy who must outwit the evil Blue Beard and free captured animals bound for the zoo. Long time ago, or maybe it happened not very long ago, a pirate ship sank off the African coast. Well, the ship sank but a wicked thug Blue Beard survived. He settled in Africa and started to torment animals. He used to tie them up with very thick ropes. Blue Beard used to catch young animals and lock them in cages. He wanted to sell them and get a lot of money. It could have been a very sad story, but the Parrot had got a good idea. It decided to bring a brave boy Victor to Africa. Victor said that he was not at all afraid of Blue Beard. He took his plane and started to Africa. A classic animation film, handmade in the best traditions of the classic cartoons. A variety of game worlds - the game takes place in the jungle and in the savannah, on an uninhabited island and underwater, in the clouds and above a roaring waterfall. Adventures and arcades are combined in this game. Develop quick wits - there are a lot of riddles in this game and a player has to choose a right answer. It's a family game. You can choose one of the three levels of the game. And it is more fun to solve the puzzles together.
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Russian ISO Demo (uploaded by Scaryfun & provided by nanette) 270MB
Viidakkoseikkailu - Finnish Clone ISO Demo 226MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Djungeläventyret - Swedish ISO Demo 204MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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