Yeomna: The Adventures of Demon Hunter catnipstudio 2021

Release Date: TBA Will you be able to save a child from the dark schemes? Ominous flames rise again in a once-peaceful world ruled by the Jade Emperor after the defeat of the Demon King. As the exorcists fall against the minions of the Demon King, Dongbaek, a lesser exorcist, is sent to the Seal Town by the order of Lord Yeomna. Journey through the Demon-infested Underworld, defeat the Demons and collect ancient records to find the missing child and hidden truths. Rebuild the ruined village and become a powerful exorcist. Experience the dream-like village and Underworld inspired by traditional Korean paintings, reimagined as game art. Shapeshift between human and feline forms to avoid traps and manipulate objects to open new paths. Uncover hidden places to get skills and various items to collect. Gather the scrolls that hold the memories of Dongbaek and the secrets of Yeomna to search for the truth of the Underworld. Demons newly created, based on traditional images of Korean folklore, appear as friends or foes. Lively characters created from a combination of traditional 2D frame-by-frame and skeleton animations. Strategically switch between gun and blade depending on the combat situations. Rebuild the village and become more powerful with the help of the villagers.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5529898 203MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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