Death off the Cuff Simon Christiansen / SiChris Productions 2014

They all stare at you expectantly, like children waiting to be told a bedtime story. Who can blame them? You are, after all, Antoine Saint Germain, the great French Detective. No criminal has ever been a match for you, and everybody is looking forward to a description of your brilliant deductions. There is just one small problem. One tiny detail that makes it different this time. A mere trifle, really. This time you have no idea who did it. Inspired by Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot stories, this is a short Interactive Fiction (Text Adventure) game, in which you must bluff your way through the traditional revelatory monologue at the end of a crime story. Can you make the murderer reveal him- or herself, without letting anyone know that you hadn't already solved the case? Type in the topics you want to talk about and watch as the game generates your own unique detective monologue. The game is an old-school text adventure, in which you type commands to perform actions. On Jan/2021, a Remastered version was released that adds: animated book interface, music, more options and things to talk about, and the ability to click on words to receive more information.
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