Grim Ending, The Astroknight Games / SINJEN Studios 2020

The path to paradise begins in hell. This is a short but fine first work from the swiss artist house SINJEN. You play as "slave 21" a.k.a. Grimmy, who finds himself in a strange intermediate world. Here he has to pursue a job as a photographer and satisfy his boss's absurd desire for collecting polaroid images of living things. This is a point and click adventure in the classic style with word commands, pixel art graphics and even several possible solutions where the main character has to face moral decisions. A compact entertaining fun for young and old adventure gamers. Features: Atmospheric story in a strange intermediate world; 320x240 (16:9) True Pixel Art Style; Full Audio (english spoken); Over 1,000 lines of dialogue; Several (grim) endings.
Download: None currently available

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