Em@il Games: Battleship Hasbro Interactive Inc. 1999

This is the classic game of Battleship, but allows for play-by-email multiplayer modes. The rules are the same as with the pen and paper original. Both players place their various ships in a grid. They have to guess blindly where the others ships are to sink them. This is done by shooting to specific coordinates, you are then told if it was a hit or miss. Bigger ships have to be hit more often, because they cover more squares. After each turn the results are mailed to the other player for his turn until one player has lost all his ships. This digital version allows you to play in three different grid sizes. A new game option called "Volley" allows you to fire as many bombs as you have ships left, this speeds the game up for online play. "Fleet Commander" is a completely new game in its own with even bigger grids and customizable fleets. Each ship has its own attack pattern and ability such as being able to shoot three times or sending fighter planes. Each ship can also move a number of squares each turn.
ISO Demo 20MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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