ChronoSword 21c Ducks co. Ltd. 2021

Release Date: Nov This is a pixel art souls-like action adventure game with time travel. At first, you will face the incredible atmosphere and full of animations in pixel art. And will be surprised with that you can do such many of actions and interactions and you can explore the inside and outside of whole world seamless. It's combat system is based on attack, dodge and shield like Dark Souls, but there are contextual actions like The Last of Us. You can fight like a skillful expert with combinations of basic actions and contextual actions, without memorizing long skill list. Every combat is so fluid. And for the last, there are charming characters and epic story. You will be a heroine who lost own memory, and have to travel the present and the past of the fallen world to find it.
Level Demo v20201014.23.43 103MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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