Glimmer in Mirror MapleDorm Games 2021

Early Access Release Date: TBA This is a Metroidvania-inspired storytelling action-platformer. Allowing you to fix a destroyed world. During the process of exploration, you will enjoy the immersive and dynamic scenarios, gain different skills and items, and meet different monsters and characters. Find the truth in a destroyed world. The girl awakens from a world of nothing, and in front of her eyes appears a giant mirror that towers above the clouds. She's drawn to the beautiful world reflected in the mirror and reaches out to it. Suddenly, the mirror shattered, and the beautiful world in the mirror fell apart in an instant. When she wakes up again, she is already in the destroyed mirror world, and the hidden truth behind this world will be gradually revealed in the her adventure. Get immersed in the fascinating world. Horizontal scrolling levels:Use the power of ember to converge into a shockwave and defeat a wealth of enemies. Picturesque dynamic scenes and immersive ambient sound effects: the empty and lonely world of snow, the warm and tranquil nature of the forest, the mysterious and simple bell tower, the historical ruins of the royal city and so on. The immersive scene experience will bring you a unique sense of enjoyment. Rich plot and characters: in the course of the game, you will encounter different characters with different personalities and different races, and you will feel their feelings in the story with them, which will also gradually enrich the inner world of the main character, Shiro. New Abilities and new Adventures: gain new skills to explore inaccessible scenarios and experience new combat experiences. Randomness: collect pieces of mirror fragment from all corners of the world to summon random mirror. Equipping a new mirror will lead to an innovative combat experience, and each player will have a unique gaming experience depending on the random mirror they get. The game has a beautiful soundtrack, which will help you have a more immersive gaming experience.
Standalone Level Demo v5650419 142MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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