I Want to Die Akkad Estudios 2007

Max-V2000 is a sad robot. These words probably sound strange but the Max-V2000 is not a robot like the others. It is the result of an experiment by the prestigious and obscure Dr. Polansk, the creator of a robot model, the V-2000, capable of experiencing feelings. Max is one of them, but something begins to go wrong for him when he begins to feel only pain. He becomes a desperate robot who just wants to die. For this he needs to annihilate his "human" soul and it is only possible if he is able to find his creator, Dr. Polansk. Max needs to tell him about his pain and remedy it, but for this he needs to travel to Planet Dusk, where Dr. Polansk lives.
Free Game 18MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)
2021 Remake - Free Game 80MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

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