I Want an Identity Akkad Studios 2011

This is a sequel to the 2007 game I Want to Die. Max aims to reach Kalam, the only planet where humans can resist, safe for the moment from the massacre that the rebel robots are carrying out throughout the universe. Through the adventure, Max will discover things about his identity. The robotic rebellion has spread. What seemed like a simple outbreak of rebellion has turned into a major threat and no one is safe in the new order. The very same values their human creators once boasted now apply to the rebel robots: oppresion, tyranny, and egocentrism. The threat hangs over everyone in the universe but it focus, with the human race in particular on the edge of extinction. What is the role of Max, a V2000 robot created with the capacity to feel, in this fight?
Free Game 135MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

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