Asciident UAB Puzzle Lab / Black Maple Games 2020

Early Access Release The story of the game is based on sci-fi novel "Frango Anomaly". The hero is a human clone who escaped from space pirates. The first location is asteroid FA-17, colonized a couple of millennia ago. The mining of crystals is still ongoing, but... right now crystals are dropping in price. If it weren't for the convenient location for the transshipment base, the asteroid would have been abandoned long ago. However, entire areas of the asteroid have already been abandoned. Life here moves at its own pace and by its own rules. Absolutely all the graphics in the game are made using the characters that could be typed on the keyboard. To be more precise, the characters from the ASCII table from the 32nd to the 126th character are used. The texts in the game are localized in several languages and may contain characters, not from the authentic range. However, these characters are not involved in the design. Graphics are ASCII only. The location "Asteroid FA-17", in which the spaceport is located, is currently under development. It will be possible to move to neighboring planets and stations from the spaceport. You can move to another location at any time if you will have the necessary resources and skills. Bosses and NPC - The game has a large number of neutral and hostile creatures. Neutral characters can provide information, upgrade skills, and craft items. Caution, some neutral characters can become hostile. One of the advantages of clones is that they can be trained in various skills almost instantly. This requires a neuroprogrammer. This is a device that can change the structure of brain neurons. Also, a person or other creature with the appropriate skill is needed. In the current version of the game, the following skills are available: Life force, Inventory space, Radiation resistance, Holding breath, Melee weaponry, Thrown weaponry, Plasma weaponry, Piloting, Hyperspace, Navigation, Hand-to-hand combat. The game world contains computer terminals with built-in games. Each game can bring the player an in-game currency. You can choose one of eight retro color modes in the game options: True Color, three monochrome modes, 16-color mode (DOS / Mac), 2-bit and Game Boy mode. Also LED font mode is available in options. In this mode, each pixel of each character is separated from neighboring ones.
Download: None currently available

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