Detective Chapters, The: Part One Mayhem Games USA 2021

When you came home from school that day, and you found him, the engine was still running, and the exhaust fumes were heavy in the air to the point of suffocation. Even though the garage door was closed, you instinctively opened it when you heard the rumble of the engine coming from the other side. Your father was dead. This is a choices matter first-person adventure game. In this game, you are an aspiring detective trying to make a name for yourself, but your life seems to be heading in all the wrong directions. Your mother is a drug-addicted alcoholic, and your father died mysteriously, perhaps it was suicide, but the evidence is lacking. You're a college dropout and now work the graveyard shift at the local convenience store to make a pittance. Your girlfriend is relentlessly on your butt about going back to school, but maybe you have other plans. Choose your path to happiness and find answers to secrets dead and buried. Features: First person adventure point and click; Interactive environment; Multiple dialogue choices; Play as male, female or other; Story-rich; A dark and gritty atmosphere.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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