Sarawak Cowleyfornia Studios LLP 2021

This is a literary mystery game set in Oxford and Borneo. A university professor is found dead on the steps outside your hotel. The police arrest someone very close to you for his murder. The dead professor has left behind him a web of secrets that you alone can unravel. It's a narrative adventure game that takes you from the dreaming spires of Oxford to the jungles of Borneo as you make interactive choices and solve puzzles in a story that blurs the boundaries between narrative games and conventional literature. For fans of narrative adventure games or old-fashioned mystery novels. It will appeal to players who enjoyed the likes of 80 Days, A Case of Distrust, LucasArts adventure games or Agatha Christie novels. It's best described as a narrative adventure, and gameplay is split between interactive text choices and point-and-click puzzles. Choose your words wisely - Through dialogue choices, you interact with a cast of characters who help or hinder your progress. The more you unravel, the more conflicted you become as you start to question who's lying and who's telling the truth. Solve puzzles - Discover Sarawak's beautiful and interactive illustrations as you open locks and doors, discover secret rooms, hack into police equipment, pore through newspaper archives, and light up a jungle research station.
Download: None currently available

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