Firework Shiying Studio / Gamera Game 2021

This is an oriental horror puzzle game. The story takes place in a remote mountain village. An accidental fire at a funeral forces the police to re-investigate a closed case of massacre. Lin Lixun, a rookie police, participates the re-investigation by chances. As the investigation goes deeper, the past of the victims gradually emerges. However, the case becomes more bewildering. Is it a supernatural phenomenon, or an elaborated murder? You can experience the oriental environment of Chinese village, and also feel the chill to the bone. There are many Easter eggs from a certain period time of China which is an important part of memory for our generation. The nostalgic watercolor style along with the bleak and strange atmosphere will recall the time in your childhood when you were watching a horror movie at night for the first time. This game pursues the veiled representation of oriental horror. There is no jump scares, no place to hide under and you can barely see any ghosts in this game, but you can feel the horror swirling around. This is a thrilling and unknown exploration. You will follow the steps of the protagonist to uncover the truth under the tragedy. This is also a story with oriental mysticism and realism. It is grotesque, but it may happen somewhere in this world. The delicate narrative makes the suspense layers stack up. You might think you know the truth, but suddenly the mist will blur everything again. Everyone plays a small role in the changing world, however everyone is the hero of their own story. Every character in the game is important. You will get to know them, understand them, and share their joys and sorrows. The puzzle design is in a sweet spot, it won't be too difficult, but it's also challenging. The game combines puzzles and story together in a very effective way to make the story even more interesting.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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