WinPolis Deluxe Christian Jung 1996

WinPolis is a shareware, mouse controlled, game for up to four players at least one of which must be human. As the name suggests it is based on, but is not a copy of, Monopoly. As it’s based on Monopoly it’s no surprise that the game takes the form of a traditional board game with players rolling dice and moving round the board buying and selling property and trying to ruin their opponents. When a player owns a full set of properties they can enhance them, thus costing other player(s) more when they land on them. There’s also a casino square when the player lands here they can play blackjack and try to win some extra cash, the 'Free Parking' square now triggers a shareware reminder and the 'Jail' square is now a Vacation square, there are humorous versions of the 'Chance' squares too. The game has sound, three settings for the AI player’s style of play, and can be played in English or German.
Multi2 (EN/DE) ISO Demo 8MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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