King of the Hat Business Corp. Incorporated 2021

Release Date: July King of the Hat is a chunky party game where you play as pixelated characters who throw hats at each other. Jump on your friends hats to win - and protect yours at all costs. Local and Online Multiplayer: Party with your friends, or compete with others in our Discord to become the real King of the Hat. Weapon/Weakness Mechanic: Your hat can be used as a weapon BUT BE CAREFUL because it's also your weakness. Jump around, whip your hat at your friends, crush theirs, and become the King of the Hat. Unique and Ridiculous Characters: Choose from one of fourteen characters, each with their own abilities. Ever wanted to play as a Washing Machine? Say no more. Also, more characters are on the way.
Standalone Level Demos v5224188 + v5757614 161+138MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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