Klaus Lee: Thunder in Down Under bluebox interactive, NUKKLEAR 2021

Release Date: TBA A classic retro inspired platformer. Rescue trapped miners in Klaus Lee Thunder in Down Under. Play as the living legend Klaus Lee and venture through mysterious caves to uncover its ancient secrets. Beat 26 compact and challenging levels and create countless levels with the integrated level editor. This is the first chapter of the famous action hero Klaus Lee. He was the role model for Colt Seavers, he made Chuck Norris walk as a toddler and prepared some water for Bruce Lee. He dated all Charlies Angels at the same time in the same restaurant at different tables. He taught Steve McQueen how to drive a car and John Wayne how to shoot. We are happy that we can work with him. Strap on your experimental jetpack to fly through the caves and dodge nasty insects, temple traps and other hazards, but beware: fuel is not an infinite resource. Fight insects - One stare from Klaus Lee hits every insect light a thunderbolt no matter how big it is but be careful not to get to close. Beat ancient riddles - The unknown creators of the secret temples build some puzzles to keep intruders out of their sacred caves. Are you smart enough to solve them? Escape Traps - Riddles are not the only thing to keep unwanted visitors away you have to prove your skills against cursed walls and moving stones. Beware the twisted paths of the caves to not get lost. Discover the ancient caves to unravel all their mysteries and rescue all trapped miners. Build and play you own levels and share them with other Players in the Steam Workshop. Play 10 already created custom levels and jump in the level editor yourself to discover the countless possibilities.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5650778 47MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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