Kid's Calendar Maker Eureka Multimedia 2000

This is an interactive CD ROM package that allows children to have fun creating bright and colourful calendars for themselves, family and friends. It is ideal for use as a weekly diary, for special events such as birthdays and other reminders, or simply as a reference guide. The program enhances creativity, thinking skills, computer literacy skills and is easy to use. Children will be guided by interactive help and voice prompts throughout the program, demonstrating each step of making their very own personalized calendars. Select from the many different layouts and styles such as weekly, monthly and yearly. Hundreds of images such as clip art, photos and scenes can be chosen, imported or created in the Picture Creator. Children can even use outline pictures and scenes, print out their calendar in black and white, and then have fun colouring it in.
ISO Demo 373MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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