Ponpu Purple Tree Studio / Zordix Publishing, Green Man Gaming Publishing 2020

Inspired by the classic gameplay of Bomberman, Ponpu takes the concept in a new direction, adding new mechanics and features while packaging it in super-slick, hand-drawn graphics. Play through the epic single-player campaign where you’ll face off against some of the coolest boss fights you’ve ever seen, in a race to defeat the almighty Duck-God and to stop him from resetting the universe. Once you’ve honed your skills in the campaign, take the fight to your friends (or foes) in either local multiplayer or online. Ponpu features 3 game modes, all equally chaotic; coin chase, paint battle and good old fashioned deathmatch. Features: A fresh take on a classic game concept; An epic campaign with massive bosses; Hectic 4-player multiplayer with three crazy game modes: Deathmatch – Last Ponpu standing wins; Coin steal – Hoard the most coins before the time is up. Dragon style; Paint battle – Paint the town red! (or you know... whichever color you prefer); The most epic egg-based arsenal ever witnessed.
Standalone Level Demo v5651514 275MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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