Selene: Apoptosis Viscum key, Flat Chest Dev / Flat Chest Dev 2021

Release Date: Mar It all begins as a beautiful stranger appears at a lonesome doorstep. This is a love story of a man who slept too little and a stray cat. This is a free mystic thriller visual novel filled with dark romance and even darker secrets. Fight for those you love. Fight for your life. Find the truth. And, most importantly, eat well. Features: You can pet a cute catgirl; A mystic thriller/horror story inspired by Stephen King's works; The main story is completely free; Choices-driven branching narrative; Over 5 endings; 2 to 3 hrs of content (depends on your love for good artwork); Secret discovery journal; Japanese and English voiceover for female characters. You can also choose to switch that off.
Standalone Level Demo v5655908 233MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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