Summerford Wandering Skeletons 2021

Release Date: TBA The island of Summerford was the site of the United Kingdom’s first nuclear power station, and a popular family tourist destination. In 1986, a catastrophic reactor failure occurred at the nuclear plant. Following a botched evacuation effort, the island of Summerford was placed into a complete and permanent quarantine. For 34 years, no civilian has stepped foot on Summerford. Until now. Classic Survival Horror: Inspired by the "golden age" of survival horror classics like the original Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark, Summerford is a third person action adventure game with fixed perspective cameras and a careful mix of combat, exploration and puzzle solving. Modernized Gameplay: it's inspired by the classics but not beholden to them. With a more accessible and subtle UI, the choice between traditional “tank” and modernised controls & many gameplay tweaks created to bring Survival Horror into the 21st century and remove the frustration of the older games. Explore Summerford: Reclaimed by nature and abandoned to time, the island of Summerford is ripe for exploration. From the silence of the quaint village streets to the haunted beauty of the Dream Valley theme park, there's a wide variety of interesting and unique locations to discover. Discover the island's Secrets: Unravel the mystery of the Summerford nuclear disaster, meet the remaining residents of the island and face far more personal demons in a focused, narrative horror experience.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5667277 2.98GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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