Urban Explorers Parenthesix 2021

Release Date: TBA A group of teens thirsty of answers, started a Paranormal Investigation Group to explore creepy places and get some easy cash. Survive to tie all the clues from all the important places of the town before someone discovers what this nosy kids are doing. Explore, collect items and deal with strange creatures to get your first clue for this case: Kebblar's codex. Finding out what is happening is just the beginning. You must break into murky places in order to unravel the mysteries behind a town that was evacuated after a nuclear accident. Exploration: Discovering stories - Storytelling in landscape; Characters stories linked to the places. Art Style: Hi Bit Pixel Art - Post Processing effects; Real time illumination. Setting: Various unique locations - Up to 10 different locations to visit; Each level unlocks optional explorable places.
Level Demo v2020.09.27.01 93MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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