Vessels of Decay Simon Jakobsson, Blackdrop Interactive 2021

Release Date: TBA Civilization has ended, and creatures older than man are slowly taking back the lands which once belonged to them. Follow Mud as she ventures further into the decaying lands and ruins of an overgrown Scandinavia, where civilization ended in mysterious circumstances centuries ago. Defeat monsters and being inspired by Scandinavian folklore. And explore the ruins of a past civilization to uncover the truth of what is causing the spreading decay. Fun and responsive combat. Features: Use combos and abilities to create your unique fighting style; Explore a beautifully pixelated world as you fight your way to uncover the source of the ever-expanding decay; Tend your potager garden to grow crops and herbs; Pet the dog: Music by Rumsklang. It has its own story and lore but takes inspiration from Scandinavian myths and folklore.
Standalone Level Demo v0.8.1.0 260MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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