You Will Die Here Tonight Spiral Bound Interactive LLC 2021

Release Date: TBA This is a turn-based survival horror game inspired by the golden age of the genre with a unique twist: Death is only the beginning of your story. Lost and separated within the mysterious Breckenridge Estate, you play as each member of the elite Aries Division as they work to track down and apprehend a dangerous killer responsible for the slaughter of his family. Can you embrace the death of your team to uncover the truth, or will all of your sacrifices have been in vain? VICTIMS ARE HEROES: Play as all six members of Aries Division, each with unique skills and motives that shape how they confront the horrors of their mission - and how far each of them will go for the greater good. DEATH AROUND EVERY CORNER: Explore the sinister and brittle reality of an abandoned estate where nothing is what it seems and anything could take your life. KILL AND BE KILLED: An active, turn-based battle system against terrifying creatures and manufactured nightmares will keep you on your toes until your fate is inevitably sealed. YOU WILL DIE HERE TONIGHT: But, with every death, your actions and decisions will carry forward to empower whoever remains.
Standalone Level Demo v5758196 428MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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