Zorya: The Celestial Sisters Madlife Divertissement / TLM Partners Inc. 2021

Release Date: May In this award-winning cooperative puzzle game, play along with a friend as either Aysu or Solveig and help bring back the night in this never sleeping world. But be careful, you must safely navigate the shadows to solve the increasingly complex puzzles . Stranded on earth, Aysu, goddess of the night, must find her way back to the sky. Helped by her sister, Solveig, goddess of the sun, Aysu must safely navigaate the shadows to regain her powers that are scattered across the never-sleeping lands of Vyraj. Embark on a puzzle filled adventure where you and your partner must prove that you can communicate and collaborate to recover Aysu's powers. Shadows: Navigate the shadows cast by the environment to complete each level. Solveig controls the time of day, creating new paths for Aysu and giving both players new accessible areas. Solar Energy: As Solveig, use solar energy vanquish enemies and activate puzzle elements throughout the game. You can only use solar energy on enemies and elements that are in the sunlight. Wind Power: As Aysu, push your enemies and puzzle elements into the sunlight with wind power so that Solveig can deal with them. NOTE: The game can only be played with 2 controllers or a keyboard/controller combo.
Standalone Level Demo v5646973 321MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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