Maverick Gunn and the Eye of Oggun PPA Entertainment 2020

You are Maverick Gunn, treasure hunter and renegade History teacher. You start the morning at home as usual and after a few minutes of conversation with a mysterious and dangerous looking man, you are drawn into the chase for a huge diamond... and face to face with an ancient mystery. This game started as a project in 2007, a LONG time ago. As it happens, it proved to be too much for one person, too many rooms, characters, puzzles, locations, etc. But at the time, the devloper managed to draw a lot of backgrounds, sprites and characters and even scripted an intro and a percentage of the game opening. It has low resolution and only used Paint from Windows to create. Even with these limitations, there are plenty rooms to visit in two different locations, talk to 10 characters, take a few items, use them, pull them, push them.
Free Game 18MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

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